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Painting, wine and a damn good time!

IMG_0703Vino’s (don’t forget the “s”!) Picasso is SWFL’s 1st and favorite paint bar and art gallery, voted #1 by locals and travelers like you and rated a TOP 5 paint and wine studio in all of Florida! ( We have been owned and operated by locals since 2011. Our paint studio is comprised of an authentic co-op of local artists that work together to create fun, original paintings and projects for you. You’ll see we’re all beach bums at heart because so many of our paintings have a tropical theme. That’s what happens when you live in paradise!

At Vino’s Picasso anyone can drive their artistic expression with a great drink, good friends and fun, step by step instruction. Over 90% of our clients have never painted before so be not afraid, my friend! We have an impeccable reputation because we love what we do and we make our own rules! That’s why we’re #1 on TripAdvisor and highly rated everywhere else!!! We encourage you to research us and GO LOCAL!

We have a Fort Myers and Naples location to serve you as well as a seasonal studio on Matlacha Island at Leoma Lovegrove’s famous gallery and gardens (we are not licensed for BYOB on Matlacha). We like to party so we’ll also travel to your home, community clubhouse, business, farmer’s markets, art festivals and/or restaurants with our popular mobile division.

We supply all materials, an apron and even corkscrews for you to open your bottles. We set it all up and clean it all up, too! You only need to worry about bringing your own wine/beer (or buying something unique from us) and leaving with your new masterpiece!

At Vino’s Picasso you can stroll our Starving Artist’s gallery or stop in for a drink at our wine bar and people watch from our bistro tables. We also offer local handmade gifts for sale! Thank you for supporting small business!

Our Artists

We’re all into art at our place and we’re here to help you have an awesome experience!


Mercedes, the creator of Vino’s Picasso, has always had a love for painting, wine and people. After an 8 year career in the medical field she was inspired by a trip to South Carolina while visiting her sister. Since the spring of 2011 she has worked on Vino’s Picasso with the intent to bring southwest Florida something exciting, fun, relaxing and unique. In fact, before the paint and wine craze Vino’s Picasso was the only paint studio, wine bar and art gallery in the country! Studio favorites created by Mercedes are BubbleFish and Cherry Blossom.

Jackie Bickford

Jackie Bickford has always been interested in art because she feels “it can speak a thousand words”. She prefers ceramics and charcoal and has been an art student for the last 4 years. You will find that her art has a dark expression with a dreamy twist. Her appreciation for work created by others is as strong as her feelings for creating her own! You can find Jackie’s pieces in our Naples studio gallery! Studio favorites are Sea Turtle and Celestial.

Michelle Doss Irvine

Michelle Doss Irvine teaches at our Fort Myers studio and has enjoyed drawing and painting since childhood.  Creatively inspired by her mother, she was enrolled in art classes at an early age with local artist, Dot Graf, in Cullman, Alabama.  Michelle received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from Auburn University in 1989.  Her medium of choice is still a sketch pad & pencil.  She encourages people to color outside the lines! Come in and paint her popular Island Vacation, Poppy and Sunflower!

Ryan 'Gibz' Lake

Ryan “Gibz” Lake is an Instructor and Art Assistant in our Naples studio but can be seen hosting “wicked” parties off-site. Boston-raised and influenced by street art, his mood and mindset determine his medium of choice, but painting is his escape. Ryan’s influences are Dali, Banksy and Steve Barton and he’ll tell you that without art the Earth is just “meh”! Studio favorite created by Ryan is Beach Walk.



Wine Bar

We offer unique wine you can’t find in the grocery store and craft beer for those times when you just want one glass or want to try something different! Choose from Cabernet, Pinot Grigio, a fizzy Pink Moscato, Merlot, Riesling or grab a champagne split! Not a wine drinker? No worries, we sell Michelob Ultra, Stella Artois or Shock Top, too. Click here to view our most current wine list.

Our Art Gallery

When we first started Vino’s back in 2011 we had upset a few folks in the local art community. They felt that our way of playing was not up to their standards. We could care less. We wanted to share the love of art with EVERYONE! Even those that “can’t draw a stick figure”. We also wanted to open the doors to those that loved to create and offer them the chance to sell their pieces. We welcome all levels of artistic experience to show off their masterpieces! See a studio manager if you are interested in trying to sell your art.


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